Anne no Nikki

Yesterday, I found an anime movie based on The Diary of Anne Frank.

It was aired in 1995, so animations and graphics aren’t really suggestive, but I think that scenes are well made and make a good description of the most important parts of the book.

I usually don’t watch an anime as soon as I find it. I look at the pictures, read the plot and then think “okay, I’ll watch this in the future”.. and I always forget to do it. null

This time, I decided to watch it immediately because the 27th of January was the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, so I thought it would be nice to watch something concernig the event.

Speaking of the movie itself, it is around 1h45m long. I was surprised, because I expected a shorter movie! null However, while I was watching it I barely noticed the flow of time because the scenes were well balanced, neither too slow, nor too superficial.

The plot follow the original story. I read the book when I was a child, and basing on my memories the movie touched almost all important moments. There were even narrative parts, as Anne was reading her diary. I think they made a good description of the characters, with a deep analysis of each behaviour and manners.

As I said before, graphics and animations weren’t the very best. Here is an example of the drawings:


Even if in that it isn’t the best, I think you don’t need an amazing graphics to appreciate this work.

The story is full of feelings of any kind: hope, fear, love, understanding. Living in such conditions really change your view on life, and that’s exactly what happens to Anne, who is just a kid when she was forced to abandon her house.

The music was good. Slow-peaced songs, heartbreaking melodies and soft sounds were just the right choice. There are also some songs performed in English, but the pronunciation is really bad… null Well, actually it was pretty good compared to the average pronunciation of Japanese people

One thing I didn’t like at all is the dubbing. It’s one of the most awful japanese dubbing I’ve ever heard  Overall voices were okay, even if I dindn’t appreciate Anne’s one. But the main problems were the flat acting and sync mistakes. A lot of time I noticed a moving mouth without hearing any word. Some voice actors were pretty good, though. Mr and Mrs Van Daan were great! 

I hoped ’til the last moment that the ending would change… but it didn’t happen null so sad…

After the movie I went to bed with a mixed feeling of sadness and anger. null It’s so unfair!  Poor people! I understood once again that remembering is important, in order to not make the same mistakes in the future. If those could be called mistakes…

I want to end up with a little request: please, all of you, always remember. Remember our past and try to change our future, even in the smallest things. Teach your children respect and mutual understanding. Teach them that all are equal. Teach them not to hate because of a different religion, culture, skin or sexual orientation.

Teach them to love.


The first post.

Hi everyone!

In this post, I just want to introduce myself and talk freely about my interests and my daily life. I’m sorry if my English isn’t really good but I’m not a native speaker.

First of all, I love emoticons.

And when I say I love emoticons, it means that I REALLY love emoticons.

This blog will be full of emoticons! null

Second point, I love Morning Musume.

And I love Sayumi.


Shabadaba doo doo doo shabada doo doo doroo doroo roo~♪



She’s absolutely adorable!

So, you can easily guess that I mostly listen to J-pop! I also listen to Vocaloids, and sometimes Metallica, K-pop groups and Avril Lavigne.

My dream for the future is becoming an italian voice actress, so I’m practicing as an amateur since 5 years! This way, I also started covering songs. I don’t think I’m good at singing, but I’m trying to do my best! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

As you can imagine, I like anime and manga. My favorite anime is Hime-chan no Ribbon, because it is thanks to this one if I discovered a whole new world! (and it’s a really good anime too, even if a bit old~ watch it if you didn’t!)

nullThe main character, Himeko

I have a biiiig collection of manga, around 400 volumes. I will upload a photo, one day or another. I like almost all genres, in particular drama, romance and historical anime/manga. I don’t really like mecha and sci-fi, but there are some exceptions.

What else?

Oh, yes. Sometimes I play League of Legends. I’m not very good at this game and I’m not fond of it (I started playing two years ago, but I’m still level 22), but I love characters, lores, graphic and gameplay. In fact I often watch tons of streams.

My favorite champion is Amumu. I love Amumu. I can’t play it really good, though. In game, my favorite champion is Lulu. I love playing her, is so funny! And my favorite role is support! Poros are also cute. I love them too! 


Then, I love reading. I started reading at the age of four. I like any type of “written thing”, I think null For my birthday, my sister gave me as a present a Kindle Paperwhite. I think paper book are kinda better, but Kindle is so comfortable I couldn’t resist asking for one!

I think I said the most important thing about myself. I hope you find it interesting even if this is not about a single topic! I don’t know how many times a week I can write there, but I’ll try to be as active as possible! null

That’s all for today~

Melacchan null