Homerwoks aren’t always as bad as they seem

So, I was asked to do this composition and I’m quite satisfied with it. I decided to share it with you!

Topic: Advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

“Being famous is what a lot of people wishes for their life. Fame means money, admiration and support; it seems the perfect life everyone desires, but in reality it is not as good as it appears.

Having your work appreciated by strangers gives you a certain amount of satisfaction and self-esteem. In fact, it is overall true to say that what makes you happy and gives you the desire to continue with your work are your fans, especially at the beginning, when even a pair of people appreciating your ideas or your talents may considerably boost your enthusiasm. This usually happens when you become famous thanks to a social network, like YouTube. There you don’t need to have particular talents like singing or acting and so on. If you find the right idea, if you can draw the attention of people and if you seem funny and witty, there is an high possibility to become relatively famous in a short time. Receiving positive feedbacks and fulfill fans’ requests is the best way to achieve success.

Obviously, there are also cases in which is your talent to bring you to celebrity. But more than trying to become well-known taking advantage of your talents, it is more significant when you just do what you like the most and doing so you receive appreciation. Nowadays, it is quite strange finding someone who is not interested in show business. Everyone has thought, even once in his life, how would it be to be famous.

But in reality, what does it mean being famous? For sure, a lot of stress. Trying to make everyone happy, forcing yourself to always have a good behavior, to always being nice, to never show your real feelings is certainly the worst side. There is an high risk to stop loving your work and start making it only for money or in order not to receive bad feedbacks. Always being wanted and monitored lead you to hate your status. In my opinion, a lot of celebrities desire to give up everything and return to ordinary life.

Personally speaking, I think celebrities have a really tough life. I don’t envy them at all. They are forced to face problems that ordinary people don’t need to worry about. It is true that having money can make life look easier, but on the other hand implies renunciations (such as not being present when a dear person dies) not everyone is ready for.

To sum up, there are both great advantages and discouraging disadvantages. As a result, many people may think that being famous is exciting, but change their mind as soon as they know what it is really about. We can conclude saying that fame is neither negative nor positive: being famous is simply something not everyone can stand.”

Is pretty strange hearing this by a person who’s trying to become a net idol, isn’t it? I tried to give this text a neutral view, because I acknowledge that there are two different sides of a celebrity life.

I don’t think I would be ready to be an actual celebrity, but I have a pretty low self-esteem and receiving feedbacks is something that I need. I just want to add something to your daily life, even if it is a smile or simply “I-was-not-bored-for-10-minutes” null

I’m writing worse than usual because I’m tired. I hope you can understand what I wrote over there

Thank you if you had the patience to read through the whole composition. I hope to become an interesting blogger as time goes by.



Short update~

Hi everyone~

February has come! Spring is near!

I have a lot of project for this year! First of all, this is my final year at high school, so it will be a big change in my life  Not at school anymore! Well, there’s university, but it’s different…

Lately, I’ve been reading about reading challenges here on WordPress… so I suddenly remembered that in December I decided to start some challenges either!  I totally forgot for about one month…

The first challenge is about reading! I’m referring to Popsugar 2015 reading challenge! There’s written that you don’t have to read one book for each category, but I decided to try on this way since I like reading A LOT. As a consequence, my Goodreads challenge is set on 52 books in a year! Manga doesn’t count either, apart from the graphic novel the Popsugar challenge asks me.

Unfortunately, on January I only read one book null “The Psychopathology of Everyday Life” by Freud. An easy reading, isn’t it? LOL I enjoyed it because it makes an analysis of common errors, little mistakes everyone (even you!) makes. Having read it, I started searching for a reason behind… everything

Right now, I’m reading “Vanity Fair” by Thackeray. I started it before The Psychopathology, but I had to put it on hold since I needed the second one for school. Now I resumed Vanity Fair and I hope to finish it by next week. I’m sooo behind in my challenge, I need to read as much as possible!

The second challenge is about anime! I decided to watch eight anime, each becoming to a particular category. I think I will do this properly in summer, because during the school term I don’t have any time… As for this challenge, I decided to exclude OAV, movies and so on and count only TV series.

I don’t have much more to say. I’m working on my song covers, as always, and on my voice acting skills. I’ll show you some of my results on Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately, I dub in italian, so if you don’t know this language you won’t understand practically anything…

I think that’s all for today. I’m already started thinking on my next post, so I hope to update the blog soon!

Stay tuned~