Random thoughts on Morning Musume ’16

Hello everybody! Long time no see!
I’ve been very busy, since I started university and had various things going on. Probably I won’t have time to update this blog regularly, but I’d like to post something once in a while

I wanted to do this post since last year, but I just kept on postponing… so, instead of “random thoughts on Morning Musume ’15” here we have “random thoughts on Morning Musume ’16 plus Sayashi”! 

Fukumura Mizuki

When I first got acquainted with Morning Musume, I didn’t really like her. She climbed my ranking, though, and I’m glad she did it! happy2
Right now I think she’s a solid performer. Her voice is really nice and easily recognizable and she sings pretty well. I like her dancing too, tough I don’t really pay attention to dancing – better, I cannot distinguish a good dancer from a bad one, unless it’s really obvious (Riho – Haruna levels). In the past, I didn’t like her visuals, but now I think she’s stunning (and she probably has the best body among current Morning Musume members)
5th on my current ranking ~ tie with Oda Sakura

Ikuta Erina

She’s always been at the very end of my ranking and that didn’t change, unfortunately. However, in 2015 I appreciated her muuuch more and from pretty neutral I began to like her. She’s still at the bottom of my ranking just because I like the other members more than her 2z4g01k What I like about her is her aura and her variety skills. Moreover, I’m amazed by her acrobatic skills!  I’ve always liked her visuals, but sometimes she looks meh or her look isn’t that great (I hate her current hairstyle tbh )
11th on my current ranking ~ tie with Suzuki Kanon

Suzuki Kanon

I quite liked her in the past, but this year my interest decreased. tumblr_inline_mg16gs7UAn1qdlkyg I love her smile and I think she’s beautiful and talented, but I can’t relate anymore with her character. On a side note, I feel really bad for her roller coaster with the weight problem; I don’t mind her chubbiness, but I feel bad at seeing her losing and gaining weight the way she did in 2015.
11th on my current ranking ~ tie with Ikuta Erina

Iikubo Haruna

She’s always been a mid tier in my ranking. Even though her skills are not amazing, I find her character pretty relatable. She’s funny and seems easy-going! Moreover, she’s an otaku – I was so happy to know that! I like her visuals, especially on magazines she always looks stunning tumblr_inline_mjs05hMs2K1qdlkyg
7th on my current ranking ~ tie with Haga Akane

Ishida Ayumi

It seems my interest decreased for her too What I like about her, apart from her dancing, are her visuals. She’s so beautiful! In 2014, I would have said that she was the most beautiful member after Sayumi and next to Riho. Unfortunately, 12ki came in tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg and other members bloomed *coughmaachancough* and I fell in love with Duu, sooo… stop with the off topic! Speaking of her dancing, I obviously find her really talented, but I’m not too fond of her style. I prefer Riho’s and Manaka’s
9th on my current ranking

Sato Masaki

Well… I don’t know what kind of magic she used, but I cannot even tell how much she improved during this year. And she suddenly became a beauty.. like.. woah
Right now I love everything about her. Her singing, her dancing, her chara and her visuals. Her aura is so strong. Where was she hiding ’till now?
3rd on my current ranking

Kudo Haruka

Here comes my over-biased self tumblr_m89gltpsCe1qdlkyg I’ve never noticed her until early 2015 – like HOW – but, well, Sayumi overshadowed everyone tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg
Sooo, I’m totally in love with her. I love her voice, she’s so cool while dancing… I always go doki doki when she speaks and her visuals… well…
I’m done.
1st on my current ranking

Oda Sakura

She’s the most “stable” member together with Harunan. My interest never particularly increased or decreased. I love her vocals and she’s a good performer overall. I find her a bit too polite for my tastes, but her talent make up for that
5th on my current ranking ~ tie with Fukumura Mizuki

Ogata Haruna

When she was revealed as a new member, I immediately fell in love with her Post-Sayu and pre-Duu, she experienced the first spot in my ranking. tumblr_m8jytkduwY1r75lkl She’s so pretty I could die.  I love her character, I think I could get along with her easily. At first she wasn’t the best singer or the best dancer, but I’m sure she’ll improve over time. I would be so happy if she gets a visual role similar to Sayu’s!
2nd on my current ranking

Nonaka Miki

My love for this girl grew over time. I really like her voice and I find her talented, I’m so curious to watch her improvement in the next years. Her English skills are a good extra to the package tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg She seems so nice!
4th on my current ranking

Makino Maria

I have a complicate feeling about her. I find her really cute and sometimes she’s just adorable. I even keep on track with any updates. But there are some things about her I just can’t stand lol I hope it’s just due to her being still a child. I feel so bad
10th on my current ranking

Haga Akane

I don’t know what to tell about her since she didn’t have the chance to showcase herself yet. However, I feel attracted to her and I’m curious to see her development. As an extra, she’s really cute
7th on my current ranking ~ tie with Iikubo Haruna


Sayashi Riho

I think I’ve never fully realized how much I liked and respected her. I always took for granted her presence, so I focused more on the other members, thinking “well, she’s there, she’s the center, I will have the chance to see her anyways”. The thruth is that, when she announced her sudden graduation, the world collapsed under my feet. I couldn’t even IMAGINE Morning Musume without her. In that moment, I finally realized how much she was important to me. It’s not like I’ve ever thought “I don’t like this girl”. I always liked her, but I’ve never noticed that, if that makes sense. If you asked me, I would have included her in my top 5 member, but I would have said also that I was not particularly attached to her. Well, I was wrong.
It still feels like a dream.


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