Hello!Project – 2015 singles recap part 2

Here we are, ready to talk about 2015 ANGERME singles!

Without a doubt, ANGERME had a great year! We start right away with a bang – a catchy and fun song named Taiki Bansei – accompanied from what seems to be (and I hope it’s so) a future standard for the group – the gothic style of Otome no Gyakushuu! Then here we have the second single, which features for the first time a dance team! And finally, Maro’s graduation approaches, it’s time to cry and to say goodbye to my oshi…

Unfortunately, I’m not going to talk about the selection album, since I’m doing a single recap only, but generally speaking, I found the album a bit underwhelming. I was hoping for re-recorded versions at least. But I’m happy with the new songs, my favorite being Marionette 37°C tumblr_inline_mjs1ks9CPX1qdlkyg

18th single – Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu [2015.02.04]
THIS. I cannot express how much I loved this. As soon as I heard Taiki Bansei for the first time, I was sure I would have loved the group. I gained a new interest in the girls and so I even re-evalued some old songs that didn’t leave any strong impressions on me.

Taiki Bansei
Song: not being accustomed with S/mileage discography, at first I thought that was an old song and I wondered why I didn’t know they had were such good songs tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg then, I became totally hyped about this single. I couldn’t stop listening to this song again and again, to the point that I’m currently bored by it lol and that’s what is preventing me from giving this song a 10/10. But it’s a bit unfair not to give it the right rate just because I listened to it too much, so… 10/10, anyways tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg

Dance: I love this dance. I always feel the need to dance along. The only part a bit off is during the verses where the girl seem to just move a bit along the music and that’s all. 9.5/10  (gifs by ai-do-ru)

MV: the song is amazing, the dance is funny… the MV is crappy. The dance shot setting is nice, but the camera work is poorly executed and there’s no effort in editing at all. Close-ups are disappointing too. 6/10

Outfits: I like them. Generally speaking, I prefer costumes rather than casual clothes, but I think they fit the song and they are pretty as well. 8.5/10


Overall: 8.5/10

Shining member(s): Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako (gifs by awarriorfromadoomedfuture)

Special feature(s): I love Rikako’s jump right before the last chorus. It gives me tons of energy!


Otome no Gyakushuu
Song: not an instant favorite like Taiki Bansei, but quite as catchy. It’s a peculiar song and something you’re not used to hear in H!P and at first it seemed weird. However, I like it. 7.5/10

Dance: I find it nice, it goes well with the genre of the song. On the other hand, the dance break is awful. I’m so disappointed because I love classical ballet and that wasn’t executed well. Like at all. I understand she was a newbie, but seeing that in a MV was really underwhelming. 7.5/10 (gifs by suzunatsutsugu and rikachanlove)

MV: I looove the setting. Unfortunately, the MV is poorly executed again. The beautiful setting and the charming girls made the MV. There isn’t any effort from the editor. They didn’t even manage to use some lighting effects to emphasise the girls’ beauty. If it wasn’t for the nice setting, it would have been a disaster. 7/10

Outfits: plain white outfits, a bit boring in the long term. The girls look good and they go quite well with the song’s style. 7/10


Overall: 7.2/10

Shining member(s): Fukuda Kanon (gif by suzunatsutsugu)


Special feature(s): Kananan’s deep voice harmonising at the end of each chorus!

Single overall: 7.8/10


19th single – Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shoutan / Mahou Tsukai Sally [2015.07.22]
This is my favorite ANGERME single of the year. Among the three songs, I find only Gashin Shoutan a bit underwhelming, while the others are really good. I probably like this single so much because of Nana Korobi Ya Oki, which is my favorite ANGERME song of the year and my third favorite song overall, after ImaSugu and Tsumetai by Morning Musume.

Nana Korobi Ya Oki
Song: I love it. It takes up a bit of the gothic genre, but more upbeat and quite rockish. However, what I like the most is the sound of the violin, which adds that gothic and epic nuance to the song. 10/10

Dance: I really like the dance team’s moves. They are elegant but powerful at the same time and the girls are able to express themselves beautifully with their bodies. 9/10 (gif by haru beautiful everyday)


MV: Finally, here is a great MV! While it’s true there isn’t much more than dance shots and close-ups, I find it suits really well the song. The setting is bare and dark; this would have been a turn off for another song, but it works amazingly well with this one. I love the sepia scenes! Everyone is shining so much. I like how they managed to keep the dance team in the spotlight despite not having lines at all. 9/10

Outfits: I really like them. Since I love the gothic style, these outfits are exactly what I needed for this song. I don’t like the shoes and I think the little capes could have been styled better, but it’s a great outfit overall. 9/10


Overall: 9.2/10

Shining member(s): Fukuda Kanon


Special feature(s): The presence of a dance team!


Gashin Shoutan
Song: I think this is the weakest song of the single. I don’t think it’s bad, but I don’t find it as amazing as Nana Korobi Ya Oki or as cute as Mahou Tsukai Sally. This is an energetic and upbeat song, pretty catchy to be honest. I think this is the right choice if you’re feeling down and want to recover yourself! 7/10

Dance: here we have a funny and energetic song, mostly focused on the girls having fun while dancing and jumping here and there. The dance break really is entertaining! However, I’m not particularly impressed by the dance either. 6.5/10

MV: I don’t like the pastel theme going on with this song. And why put them in a dark and empty basement if the rest of the MV is shiny and girly? The shots were they are singing in front of the camera doing weird face is probably the best part of this MV. 5/10 (gifs by waazuchan)

Outfits: as I said, I don’t like the pastel theme. I would have loved bright colors and funny outfits. I like the style of the clothes, but the colors are so bland tumblr_m4trvwC1aa1qdlkyg At least they don’t seem cheap. My favorite one is Murotan’s. 7/10


Overall: 6.3/10

Shining member(s): everyone!

Special feature(s): Rinappu solo dance segment! tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg


Mahou Tsukai Sally
Song: this is by no means a breathtaking song, but it’s cute, funny and it has a great anime-ish feel. 3ki are perfect to be centers in this song! I like the cute monologues as well. 8.5/10

Dance: I love this kind of funny and easy-to-dance-along dances. Simple as it is, it goes perfectly with this song! 9/10 (gif by boom! hello!project)


MV: now, this is a great MV. The animated background is so cute and anime-ish and I love the shots inside the witchy house. It’s so entertaining seeing them having fun on broomsticks and doing some kind of magic (even though the wires are really evident, but I think that too adds to the general funny feeling of the song tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg9/10

Outfits: so cute and idolish! I love when they go by their member color! 9.5/10



Overall: 9/10

Shining member(s): Sasaki Rikako (gif by Airi)


Special feature(s): Rikako and Murota’s great expressions throughout the MV tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg

Single overall: 8.1/10


20th single – Desugita Kui wa Utarenai / Dondengaeshi / Watashi [2015.11.11]
This is probably their best all-around single. It consists of three solid songs, which I like but I’m not that into any of them (except maybe just Watashi). This is Maro’s last single; I would have loved a bit more feature in the first two A sides, but well, she got a solo song and she’s center-ish in the others, so I shouldn’t complain tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg

Desugita Kui wa Utarenai
Song: another peculiar song for ANGERME. This sound is surely unusual for idol groups, since it’s rockish, upbeat and in some ways more “hard” than usual. Maybe for that reason, it results less catchy (apart form the doushite, doushite bits). 7.5/10

Dance: a bit messy at times, but overall powerful and entertaining. Not really suiting the song in the chorus, where the pace enhances but their moves are pretty boring. 7/10 (gifs by Hamachin)

MV: it’s nice to see some effort put in editing once in a while, even if as simple as this effects are. I was actually surprised, because I’m not used to that in classic H!P MVs. I would have preferred a less smoky setting, but it goes well with the song’s genre, I guess. Even the group shots, which I usually don’t like, are pretty this time. 8.5/10

Outfits: don’t love –  don’t hate. I find them a bit bland speaking of colors, but I like how they glow in the darkness. The style overall is good and the fabrics look good as well. 7.5/10


Overall: 7.6/10

Shining member(s): everyone tumblr_inline_mg0q008a5v1qdlkyg

Special feature(s): the girls looking sassy and cool tumblr_m89gltpsCe1qdlkyg


Song: I loved this at first listen, but then it didn’t grew on me the way I predicted. They keep going on the rockish route, this time with a smoother sound, but always as energetic and upbeat. A great song anyways. 9/10

Dance: messy and boring throughout the verses, entertaining during choruses and dance breaks. I like the little dance battles with Rikako and Meimi and the dance battle between Rikako and Murotan during the dance break. 7/10 (gifs by Airi)

MV: I really like the lighting effects on this MV as well. I find the group shots disappointing though. The colors are a bit bland, except for the choruses where the effects make the MV looking so good going along with the music. 8.5/10

Outfits: generally speaking, I like them. Pretty good overall. 8/10


Overall: 8.1/10

Shining member(s): everyone!

Special feature(s): the dance battles and the lighting effects are what stands out the most.


Song: finally, the solo song by my beloved Kanyon tumblr_inline_mfnjqyHTGM1qdlkyg I love the sound of this and it’s a nice addition after two rockish sounding songs. This songs goes more on the electropop route and shows an overly cute Kanon in action. I really love the lyrics, which are written by Kanyon herself: I think this song really express who Maro is. 9.5/10

Dance: we don’t have much footage of the dance, but from what I can see, I think it goes well with the song, being silly and cute. Cuteness overload tumblr_inline_mjs05hMs2K1qdlkyg 9/10

MV: SO CUTE! I love seeing her going around the room doing nothing but… being cute! I think the setting is perfect, it’s really cute and girlish. The only poor shots are those in the darker setting (I don’t like it; isn’t this MV supposed to be cute and sparkly?); moreover, those golden little stars give the MV a cheap appearance. Luckily they haven’t been used much. 9/10 (gif by Hamachin)


Outfits: what the hell happened? A 4-year-old child designed that awful dress? The only good piece is the hat, seriously. The blue outfit is a bit better, but doesn’t go well with Kanyon’s image in my opinion. 5/10


Overall: 8.1/10

Special feature(s): the Cinderella symbolism spread out throughout the MV!

Single overall: 7.9/10


The next part will feature °C-ute and Country Girls!

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