Spring 2016 Wrap-up!

Trying to restart with this monthly feature. Since I didn’t keep track of things I did in the last couple of months, I was thinking of waiting July for the next wrap-up. But then I realized that, since my last wrap-up was in March, a general Spring Wrap-up would be perfect! So here I am tumblr_m8fn9dLQWy1r7nk4k

Since March I’ve read a total of 12 books.

1Q84 Book 3 by Murakami Haruki 5/5 stars
I started this saga last year but it took a while for me to get into it. However, the third book is so fascinating, much more than the first two books, because all starts to make sense. I love those kind of conclusive books, which also make me appreciate more the beginning of the story.

Misery by Stephen King 5/5 stars
This book was recommended to me by my mother. I should totally ask her for suggestions more. Last year she suggested me to read Roots, which I loved, and Misery was not less. This was the first book I’ve ever read by Stephen King even though I’ve wanted to read his works for a long time. I really like his style of writing and the story was totally fascinating.

Books 2

Harry Potter #3 #4, #5, #6, #7 by J.K. Rowling 5/5 stars all of them
I finished re-reading the series. This month I also re-watched all the movies. I LOVE Harry Potter, so I was basically playing safe. Two of them (#4 and #5) were also the books I managed to read during the Dewey’s 24 hours readathon. I was supposed to write a wrap-up post about that but in the end I didn’t. However I kept my Twitter updated, so it was an half-success I think?

Books 1

Il mio angelo segreto & Un amore di angelo by Federica Bosco both 4/5 stars
I also finished this italian series. The first book in the series made my cry hard and now I don’t remember if I broke in tears again but it’s likely. The story was good, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the writing style. The thing that bothered me the most was the lack of punctuation. Ugh.

Overbite by Meg Cabot 4/5 stars
It seems this was the seasons of series conclusion. I read the first book of this duology last year. I like reading vampire novels (there was a period of my life where I was autobuying everything that had vampires in it – and no, this wasn’t because of Twilight, but I read Twilight because of this), so I was pretty happy with these books. Overbite was a good book overall, but I think I liked it less than the first one. And I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I mean, it’s good, but I would have preferred a different one.

The Haunted Mask by R.L. Stine 4/5 stars
I think you know it by now. I still like Goosebumps. I grew up with them and the bond I have with this series is beyond the fact that those book are meant to be for children. As for this book, I saw the TV version before I read the story. I thought it was good and so I decided to give the book a try. I only hope I had read all those books when I was younger. I’m sure they would have been all masterpieces for my younger self. Apart from aliens stories. I don’t like aliens.

The Grove by John Rector 2/5 stars
This was a bit of a disappointment. I picked this book up at the book shop because of the beautiful cover (you can see it above) and the blurb. I didn’t even give a peek at the inside. Maybe I should have done so, because apart from the cover it was an absolute mess. The font was too big for the page, so the margins were really tiny and ugly. Even crooked. But this wouldn’t have been important if the story was amazing. Well, it was completely different from what I was expecting. Idk. Maybe it would have been good if it were written differently. Because the idea is nice, even if it wasn’t what I was searching for. But it didn’t hook me like, let’s say, Misery. It was confusing, rushed and weird. However, I did read some positive reviews of it, so maybe you would be able to appreciate it even though I didn’t.

Currently (re)reading: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

I’m pretty slow at completing anime. I start a lot of them but then I stop watching them half-way through. In the end I usually complete all of them, but it takes a long time.

Date a Live

I started this anime only because of the character design. I didn’t know what to expect and at first I was like WHAT? But then I got a bit into it. It evolved pretty quickly to a harem / slice of life kind of anime, with some action here and there. I was getting hyped up near the last episodes but unfortunately the ending wasn’t really good. I think – I hope – this is because there is also a second series, so maybe the real ending is there. I think I will give it a try even though the first series was not amazing. Seriously, the ending disappointment had caused this anime to drop two ranks (from 8/10 to 6/10).

Currently watching: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (9/12 eps seen)
Mayoiga (3/12 eps seen)

~TV series and Dramas~
A big result for a slow-watcher like me.

House M.D. – Season 8
Okay, I finished this months ago. I was crying desperately in the end and I’m still bitter there isn’t hope for a season 9. But I enjoyed watching this series so much! I love House ♡

Princess Prosecutor
So, in May I had my Korean exam and I felt like I needed a miracle to pass it. So I spent the days before the exam watching a lot of K-drama, hoping to learn some vocabulary and exercise my comprehension skill. And it worked! But back on this drama. This is one of my absolute favorite drama. I’m in love with Park Shi Hoo and I picked this show only for him. And it was so beautiful!! I can’t explain how I was feeling while watching it. I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time.

Oh My Venus
Second for-learning-purposes drama. This was pretty good too! I really liked it and I got attached to the characters. Unfortunately I don’t really like the main actress visually speaking and since she was supposed to be extremely beautiful it was a bit of a let-down for me. I mean, she’s pretty, but I prefer the fat “ugly” version over the skinny one. Another thing I didn’t like was the development of the love story. I thought it was a bit out of the blue, but enjoyable and relatable nevertheless.
Honorable mentions: the secretary was totally the best character of the show XDD

She was Pretty
Last for-learning-purposes drama. It was really good, funny blah blah. BUT. [MILD KIND-OF-SPOILER ALERT] My Kim Shin Hyuk *cries desperately* everything was totally unfair!!! He was so lovable and funny and caring and cute and…WHY? The other guy was a d*** basically for half the show, switching personality as soon as he was with who she believed to be Kim Hye Jin. And then towards the end he magically became the kindest and clumsiest man of the world! Like, seriously? I even thought that he had multiple personalities. [END OF SPOILER] Besides my little rant, Koh Joon Hee (Min Ha Ri in the show) is one of the most beautiful actress I’ve ever seen. tumblr_inline_mg0q008a5v1qdlkyg

Currently watching: The Heirs (3/20 eps seen)

~Top Ten H!P Idols~

top ten JUN

~Currently into~
Bullet journaling!
I started my first bullet journal in June. I love it! I’m not an artistic kind of person, so I thought it would be hard for me to keep up with a system where you have to design everything, but it isn’t like that at all! I really enjoy spending my time organizing my bujo! I’m still searching for the layout that works the best for me, so I think I will experiment a bit during the next weeks. However I like changing, so it doesn’t bother me at all! I think that prevent it from becoming boring 😛 I should totally upload some pic of it when I have more pages to show.

I’ve started knitting like… six days ago. My grandmother helped me start and now I’m just practicing. My goal is making a warm scarf for the winter by myself – I have plenty of time to practice until then! And then… we’ll see!



Book Traveling Thursdays – A book I want to read this summer

Here we are again with Book Traveling Thursday, a weekly meme created byDanielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much (check out the Goodreads group!).

This week’s theme is a book I want to read this summer!

I don’t usually have a TBR so it was pretty difficult to choose a book completely at random. I’m currently re-reading Gone with the Wind, but since I’ve already started it and it’s a re-read I didn’t want to talk about it. So, I was browsing some lists on Goodreads and I stumbled upon The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Ah, beautiful memories. But, surprise! A fifth book was released in 2011 and I didn’t know anything about that!

I don’t really know what to expect from this book. I want to pick it up mostly because I hate having anything incomplete. Then, there’s the emotional tie with the characters – I really enjoyed reading about their summers back then, so I’m so curious of what they are doing 10 years later. Lastly, I think this goes well with what I’m experiencing recently with my friends. It’s only been a year since we graduated from high school, but we’ve already started to deal with important changes; so, I don’t know, I hope to find some ideas or… methods? to keep our friendship for a long time.

Well, I think I rambled way too much. Let’s see some covers!



I don’t really know how the original covers for the first part of the series were, but this cover is a big change from what I was used to (a pair of jeans dominating the cover, bright colors and funny font for the title). However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I find it beautiful neverthless. I really like the concept and it does give it a more mature feel. There are some annoying commercial (?) sentences here and there that I usually associate with low quality novels, but overall I like it.



Well, this is the exact copy of the original one, and I’m glad it is! As I said, this cover is visually appealing and I hope to find it soon in a bookshop because I absolutely want a physical copy!





If there’s something I don’t like about the original cover are those annoying sentences I talked about. I really like this cover because the cover is clean and I prefer the fonts used too (I love rounded fonts, and the title is similar to handwriting so it’s a plus). I don’t know if it’s only the digital image or if the cover is actually like that, but the colors seem brighter than the original ones. The only thing I don’t really like is the bigger size of the name of the author, I usually prefer a bigger title. Or I’m simply used to that kind of covers. Still, it’s beautiful.



Germany (I think)

I have to go with this one. This is more similar to the cover of the Sisterhood I’m used to, but this bright red is really unappealing. And the contrast with the bright blue doesn’t help. And the pants, why are they so… well… “full of stuff”? On the positive side, If I saw this book in a book store, I would associate it immediately with the Sisterhood. But other than that… nah.

This BTT is a bit on the boring side, with 3 out of 4 covers almost identical. The other covers I saw were pretty, but not my favorite, so I decided not to include them tumblr_inline_mto62sIH831qid2nw I hope you enjoyed reading this post neverthless!



Book Traveling Thursdays – Favorite Debut Novel

Hello everyone!
Finally I’m writing something on here!
I was – and still am – in a big writing slump, but since it’s summer and my university load has lessened (is that sentence even correct? After two hours studying English grammar I feel I cannot write in English anymore) I would like to keep up with my blog a little more.
So, I planned to do this week’s Book Traveling Thursdays, a weekly meme created by Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much. It took four days for me to complete this post, but if you’re reading it, that means I did it!
I’ve always liked this meme and I wanted to take part of it as well, and I even joined the Goodreads group looong ago. But… this is my first post about this meme!

The theme of this week is Favorite Debut Novel. I chose Cinder by Marissa Meyer. What I’m going to do is pick the original cover, the cover from my Country, my favorite cover and my least favorite cover and write a brief comment on each of them!



I think this cover is really beautiful. It is one of the reasons I decided to pick up this book. And I was reaaally disappointed when I found out that…



… in my Country it was replaced by THAT. What is that even supposed to mean? It kinda reminds me of Maleficent, but Cinderella? Not at all!




This cover is gorgeous. It’s really similar to the original one, but the color of the shoe and those little “glimmering” really remind me of Cinderella. I love the colors they picked and I appreciate that they chose to mantain the original layout!




A lot of Countries adopted this kind of style, with the little doll in the corner. I don’t really like it, because I find it creepy – I don’t really like dolls either. Out of the several Countries, I picked Poland because I feel they really didn’t put any effort in making this cover. I mean, look at the font. It’s so basic and unpleasant to see. If I saw that in a book shop, I would probably leave it untouched tumblr_inline_mto5g32IQF1qid2nw

This is all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post!