2018 Reading Challenges (and my failure in 2017)

Hi everyone!

Last year, I wrote a post about the various reading challenges I was going to join, but I specified that I wasn’t basing my reading on that. As you could expect, my challenges were a complete failure and I’m here today to make a re-cap and to introduce you to the reading challenges I decided to undertake this year!

2017 Reading Challenges Recap

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge
This is probably my favorite challenge ever (I’ve been doing it every year since 2015), but in 2017 I completely failed it. In fact, I only managed to complete 18 out of the 45 “normal” prompts, plus 5 out of the 12 “extra” prompts.

2017 Around the year in 52 books
Another awesome challenge; I found the prompts really entertaining and unique. Unfortunately, I completed only 34 prompts out of 52.

2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge
As the title says, this challenge was based on the alphabet, so you had to read a different book for each of the letters. I managed to read only 15 books out of 26.

Retellings Reading Challenge 2017
I was aiming to the easy level (1-4 books) and I’m glad to announce that I actually read one retelling this year, so… I’m not satisfied anyways.

2017 Dystopia Reading Challenge
I got to the Recruit level with 2 dystopian books read this year, which was the level I was aiming at. I hoped to do better as I really love dystopia, but this year I picked books so different from my usual genres…

2017 Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 2017
This is actually a genre I didn’t read often in the past but this year I read 4 books qualifying for this, so I conquered the 1st base of this challenge.

2017 Victorian Reading Challenge
Complete failure with only one read book. The minimum to complete this challenge was four books.

Back to the Classics 2017
Out of the twelve categories, I only completed four of them.

Banned/Challenged Books Reading Challenge
I didn’t really know which of the books I read was banned or challenged in the past, so for this I’m only counting two books but I might have read more. With two books, I actually managed to reach the second level of this challenge, the “Creeping” level.

Mental Illness Advocacy (MIA) Reading Challenge
I think I only read two books qualifying for this, so I failed to reach even the lowest level of this challenge.

All in all, the only reading challenge I completed is the Goodreads Reading Challenge, with 53 books out of the 52 I wanted to read during 2017.

Now, back to 2018. This year, I decided to put my reading goal on Goodreads at 40 books, which might be a bit high but I’ll explain below why I chose to do so. As for the other reading challenges, we have:

2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge
As I said before, I love this challenge and I want to do it properly this year. It has 40 prompts + 10 extra prompts, so this is the reason why I decided to put my Goodreads goal at 40 books. I don’t know if I’ll actually have enough time to read 40 books this year, but I’ll do my best!


2018 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
So, my Victorian reading challenge was a failure, but I think I can do better with a broader historical fiction challenge! My goal for this is reading at least 2 books so that I can reach the first level, 20th Century Reader. I’d be happier if I can reach the second level though, which is Victorian Reader (5 books).


Mount TBR 2018
This challenge is really something I need to do this year because my TBR stack grew immensely during 2017. I’ll aim to the lowest level, Pike’s Pike (12 books), as always hoping to fare better.


2018 Finishing The Series Reading Challenge
This is another challenge I really need to undertake, because at the moment I have around 10-15 ongoing series and for most of them I’ve only read the first book. #shameonme I will aim to the lowest level, C-Series Finisher, which goes from 1 to 4 completed series. Honestly I’d be happy to complete even only one series because I feel like I have too much things going on and some of these series were awesome and I need to finish them.

That’s all for this year! I’m really excited for these challenges, because I feel like they really encourage me to read as much as possible. I just hope that this year won’t be a complete failure like the last one.

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