Anime Elimination Tournament – Winter 2017 – Week 9

Only three weeks to go. Four anime still going.

  1. Gabriel DropOut
  2. Kuzu no Honkai
  3. Masamune-kun no Revenge
  4. Little Witch Academia
  5. Onihei

Bye bye, Onihei.

anime screen

Best pic of the year

I was mildy excited for this anime. There wasn’t much info around, I only knew it was a seinen with an historical setting. The story is about a Heizou Hasegawa, known as Devil Heizou, the chief officer of the safety department. This show has an episodic format; each one focuses on a different story, with lots of flashbacks involved. The action scenes aren’t the most important part of the story. It focuses a lot more on the characters and their relationship with each other, which is nice.Some of the episodes were really entertaining and that’s how it managed to be at this point in the tournament. The graphic quality isn’t amazing, actually it’s quite poor, but it’s effective since this show focuses more on the plot than on the art.

Do I recommend it? If you’re a fan of the genre, then yes. If you don’t like historical dramas, then, this anime might not be for you.

anime tourn ver 2


Anime Elimination Tournament – Winter 2017 – Week 7

Seven week into the tournament, we are approaching its end!

Let’s see this week’s results!

  1. Kuzu no Honkai
  2. Little Witch Academia
  3. Gabriel DropOut
  4. Masamune-kun no Revenge
  5. Onihei
  6. Fuuka
  7. ēlDLIVE

We are saying goodbye to ēlDLIVE.


The new characters won’t spare it.

This show is about a boy, Kokonose Chuta, who gets chosen as a component of an alien police force. Chuta has always heard a voice in his head that no-one could else could hear. I was a bit distrusful towards this show, since it seemed filled with sci-fi elements which I don’t particularly like. In the end, the show is much more focused on the comedy, with some ecchi scenes here and there.

The quality of the show itself is pretty good. I liked the art design and the animations. During the first episodes, I really liked the story too, but then it suddenly dropped and started to bore me. The plot isn’t evolving, the characters are quite plain and I didn’t see anything new during the last episodes. Which is quite a problem since two new characters were introduced just an episode ago.

Do I recommend it? Well… I won’t know if it will get better in the next episodes, but the first ones are worth a try.



Anime Elimination Tournament – Winter 2017 – Week 6

Hi everyone!

This week, I’m posting ahead of schedule! I caught up with the episodes and I hope to continue like this in the future!

We are half-way through the tournament. Things are getting difficult, now all of the episodes are quite enjoyable and it’s hard to choose which one to eliminate.

Without further ado, this week’s ranking!

  1. Kuzu no Honkai
  2. Little Witch Academia
  3. Masamune-kun no Revenge
  4. Gabriel DropOut
  5. Fuuka
  6. ēlDLIVE
  7. Onihei
  8. Marginal#4: Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Although I find it quite funny, I have to say goodbye to Marginal #4. I’d rather focus on the other series, so I’m going to let it go.

I’m cutting the comment section because I don’t like to talk in detail about what happens in the episode, because I feel like I can spoiler something to a possible viewer or something like this. For this reason, I think the comments are going to be very similar in each post of mine. Instead, I’ll try to do a little wrap-up concerning the eliminated anime.


A date with a statue? Only in Marginal#4!

Marginal#4 is a show about a male idol group who is rather successful. When I started this anime, I was expecting cool bishounen and events regarding their life as idols. Actually, it’s a slice of life anime focused on comedy. The events depicted are usually set at school and we follow the four main characters during their daily life. Since it has an episodic format, there have been good episodes and bad ones. At this point, I feel attached to the characters and this is the main reason I find it hard to let it go. The music is cute; I like the art even though is simple and the animation isn’t of the best quality, but it is watchable.

Do I recommend it? Only if you are a fan of the genre.