Anime Elimination Tournament – Winter 2017 – Week 6

Hi everyone!

This week, I’m posting ahead of schedule! I caught up with the episodes and I hope to continue like this in the future!

We are half-way through the tournament. Things are getting difficult, now all of the episodes are quite enjoyable and it’s hard to choose which one to eliminate.

Without further ado, this week’s ranking!

  1. Kuzu no Honkai
  2. Little Witch Academia
  3. Masamune-kun no Revenge
  4. Gabriel DropOut
  5. Fuuka
  6. ēlDLIVE
  7. Onihei
  8. Marginal#4: Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Although I find it quite funny, I have to say goodbye to Marginal #4. I’d rather focus on the other series, so I’m going to let it go.

I’m cutting the comment section because I don’t like to talk in detail about what happens in the episode, because I feel like I can spoiler something to a possible viewer or something like this. For this reason, I think the comments are going to be very similar in each post of mine. Instead, I’ll try to do a little wrap-up concerning the eliminated anime.


A date with a statue? Only in Marginal#4!

Marginal#4 is a show about a male idol group who is rather successful. When I started this anime, I was expecting cool bishounen and events regarding their life as idols. Actually, it’s a slice of life anime focused on comedy. The events depicted are usually set at school and we follow the four main characters during their daily life. Since it has an episodic format, there have been good episodes and bad ones. At this point, I feel attached to the characters and this is the main reason I find it hard to let it go. The music is cute; I like the art even though is simple and the animation isn’t of the best quality, but it is watchable.

Do I recommend it? Only if you are a fan of the genre.




Anime Elimination Tournament – Winter 2017 – Week 1

I’m a bit late with this, but still in time!

Actually, I’m happy I managed to watch all of the episodes, since this period is a bit chaotic for me. I don’t know if I can do the same for the second week, since I have an exam on Saturday, so I might postpone the ranking post a few days.

Without further ado, here’s my ranking for this week!


  1. Gabriel DropOut

Chief Angel has come to Earth! However, she became so used to the life on Earth that she skips school and keeps playing online games, thus into self-destruction. It’s a school comedy that Gabriel turns into a lazy angel! (Source: MAL News)
Okay, this one could have been a great success or a big flop. And I’m happy to declare that it was a SUCCESS! It is not easy for me to find the right comedy anime, because it’s hard to make me laugh. Well, it succeded! The first episode was hilarious and I hope the next ones will be as brilliant as this one! I looove the art, it’s a pleasure to watch it! I didn’t expext I would like it so much, but as for the first episode, this is surely my favorite out of the batch!


2. Kuzu no Honkai

Seventeen-year-old Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka appear to be the ideal couple. They are both pretty popular, and they seem to suit each other well. However, outsiders don’t know of the secret they share. Both Mugi and Hanabi have hopeless crushes on someone else, and they are only dating each other to soothe their loneliness. Mugi is in love with Akane Minagawa, a young teacher who used to be his home tutor. Hanabi is also in love with a teacher, a young man who has been a family friend since she was little. In each other, they find a place where they can grieve for the ones they cannot have, and they share physical intimacy driven by loneliness. Will things stay like this for them forever? (Source: MangaHelpers)
This is identical to the manga. The freeze-frames are colored manga sketches and it sometimes uses a manga layout. I must say that I like that. Also, I love the voice of Mugi, it’s exactly how I imagined it. The first episode was okay; I already knew what to expect and the animated form didn’t disappoint me. I was worried they might change something to make it more suitable to younger audiences, but I’m glad they didn’t. I’m looking forward to the next episodes!


3. Masamune-kun no Revenge

As a child, Masamune Makabe once suffered greatly at the hands of a wealthy and beautiful girl named Aki Adagaki, who nicknamed him “Piggy” due to his chubby appearance. Seeking revenge against his tormentor, Masamune works hard to improve himself and returns as an incredibly handsome, albeit narcissistic, high school student. When he encounters Aki once again, he is prepared to exact vengeance. (Source: MyAnimeList)
The first episode was really nice; it was better than I expected and I’m eager to see more. The script is pretty good; I didn’t feel bored throughout the episode, which is nice because sometimes everything happens in ten minutes and the rest of the episode is only an introduction of characters and/or a prologue. In this episode, we meet a good bunch of characters, without feeling overwhelmed. Each one of them is characterized and has its own place in the show. I don’t know how well they will develop during the show, but I like what I’ve seen so far. The art is good and pleasing to the eye and the animation is well executed. I can’t say much about the plot since I’ve seen just the first episode, but the starting point is good and I hope for a great development.


4. Little Witch Academia (TV)

Having been inspired by a witch named Shiny Chariot, a girl named Akko Kagari enrolls at Luna Nova Magical Academy to become a witch. The anime follows Akko and her friends, Lotte and Sucy, as they experience many magical adventures together.
This was sooo cute! It reminded me of majokko series, for example Ojamajo Doremi! I think this anime is good for any age; it’s really funny, carefree and positive, it’s perfect to cheer up! I really like the art, simple as it is. I’m looking forward to the next episode!


5. ēlDLIVE

Chuuta Kokonose is an orphan who lives with his aunt. For as long as he can remember, he’s had a voice in his head, but other than that he’s a normal boy—right until the day when a strange-looking thing follows him home and teleports him to a place filled with more fantastic creatures. It’s a space police station, and Rein Brickke, the Chief of Solar System Department, tells him that he’s been chosen by the computer as a possible candidate to join the police force. Misuzu Sonokata, a girl from Chuuta’s school with an angelic face and ill temper who turns out to be one of Rein Brickke’s subordinates, doesn’t think him suitable for such a job. Chuuta, who was shocked at first, decides to take the aptitude test after being urged by the voice in his head and to prove Misuzu wrong. (Source: MyAnimeList)
This was a lot better than I expected! I was so worried about the space and sci-fi elements, but in reality the focus is on the characters and there’s a bit of comedy here and there. I think this is addressed to a young audience – in my opinion, it fits perfectly in the shounen category; however, it was refreshing and pleasant. It’s a good choice to pass the time if you want something light and carefree.


6. Fuuka

Yuu Haruna just moved into town and loves to use Twitter. Out on his way to buy dinner, he bumps into a mysterious girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, who breaks his phone thinking he was trying to take a picture of her panties. How will his new life change now? (Source: MAL News)
Nice episode. It had some over-used tropes here and there, but it was pleasant overall. It made me occasionally smile and I didn’t feel bored, which is good, because it “is” a slow start, but a good one. I’m saying a slow start because there isn’t any clue on which direction will this anime take; it was basically an introductory episode. It reminds me of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in some ways, since Fuuka is presented like a weird hyperactive girl while Yuu is just a normal guy, although introvert and with asocial tendencies. I wonder if this anime will go more in-depth with characters; I certainly hope so (especially for Fuuka, because by now she’s a bit unrealistic and bidimensional, but it’s “waaay” too early to judge). I’m looking forward to the next episode, during which we will probably get to know Koyuki!


7. Onihei

In 1783, the heart of the Tenmei era, Hasegawa held the office of chief director of the department charged with sustaining safety in the region, suppressing the most vile of thieves and criminals, an individual largely feared, renowned as Devil Heizou… (Source: MAL News)
This was pretty serious and… brutal actually. It took me a while to grasp what was going on, but when I did it, I enjoyed it. I think it may have some potential; I hope we get to know better the characters because I find them interesting and I want to know more about their background and so on. This is quite different from what I usually watch, but I don’t dislike gruesome scenes or grave plots. I also hope for some kind of deepening in addition to the action scenes!


8. Marginal#4: Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang

On February 13, as snow flurries dance in the air, a new idol unit is born at Pythagoras Production. They are the idols who will deliver their kiss to the ends of the galaxy: “Marginal #4.” Its members, Atom Kirihara, Rui Aiba, L Nomura, and R Nomura, put all their effort into their entertainment career for the sake of the fan supporting them! They continue to mature as idols along with the senior unit pulling the entertainment industry forward, Lagrange Point, and the younger unit preparing to make their debut, Unicorn Jr. But when they step off the stage, they’re ordinary high school boys with some chaotic student lives! (Source: Crunchyroll)
Yaoi & Fanservice, I like that. I don’t know why, I seldom watch anime with fanservice aimed at girls. I need more of that in my life. However, this episode was nice. Nothing spectacular; the characters do not stand out much yet, but the comedy is quite on point. It focused more on the high school life, so I wonder if this will be the norm or if there will be an alternance with episodes focusing on the idol life.


9. Seiren

Shoichi Kamita is an ordinary high school boy, who is faced with the university entrance exam and worried about his future. This campus romantic comedy, “Seiren”, which means honest in Japanese, depicts his pure relationship with three different heroines. Each story is the unique and mutual memory between him and the heroine. (Source: Crunchyroll)
In the first episode, we get to know the first heroine in the series. I’m still unsure on whether I like her or not, but I have at least another episode ahead to clear up my mind, I guess. However, this episode was quite bland. I even forgot what happened a few hours after watching it. The relationship between the main character and the heroine is still vague, so it’s a slow start for an anime said to be focused on that. I hope the development won’t be rushed: having three heroines means that only four episodes will be focused on each of them. As I said in my introductory post, there are clear references with Amagami SS so I’m inclined to think that the quality will be good. Even so, that doesn’t necessarily mean this anime will be enjoyable.


10. Kemono Friends

The anime’s story takes place in Japari Park, a “gigantic integrated zoo.” In the zoo, due to the mysterious “sand star” substance, the animals start turning into human-shaped creatures called Animal Girls. Japari Park is a place where many people visit and have fun at, but one day a lost child wanders into the park. The lost child starts a journey to return, but because so many Animal Girls join in on the quest it becomes an unexpected grand adventure. (Source: ANN)
I don’t have much to say about this one. It’s cute, it’s clearly for children and you may watch it if you want something relaxing before going to bed. I don’t know for how long I will keep it in my watching list, but by now I don’t mind watching another episode!


11. Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel

It’s the near future. The newly established girls’ private school Goryoukan Academy has another face. This school has a special unit, Fifth force, who is assembled and selected from the school’s student body in order to fight an enemy called Oburi.
This is a story about love, courage and friendship about the girls called Strikers. (Source: MyAnimeList)
I… don’t know what I watched. Half of the time, I watched boring and unnecessary scenes where the girls were blabbering about trivial things, and I don’t know if this was an attempt to make people laugh or to introduce the characters, but it failed on both cases. The action scenes were minimal and they didn’t impress me. There were something so off, from the majokko style transformations to the smartphones used to communicate from different dimensions (like wtf?). There wasn’t even a hint of plot development and I seriously wonder where this is going. The five main characters were presented all at once, but I still haven’t connected with any of them. Let’s see, there’s the loli one, the “crazy” one, the mature one and…? Ah, yeah, the plain protagonist with an obscure past. And… the fifth one. I can’t even remember her face, that’s so bad.


12. Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu

The story begins with Hiromi Maiharu, a girl who moved from Nagasaki to Kamakura. She begins her new life in Kamakura and her first day in high school by bicycling to her school, but she has not ridden a bicycle since she was young. On the way to the ceremony for the first day, she meets Tomoe Akitsuki, and Tomoe helps her train to be better at bicycling. (Source: ANN)
I was wondering why Tomoe should help Hiromi train to be better at bicycling. Well… if anything, the fact that she needs to realize that to move a bycicle you need to hit the pedals should give me a hint… I hoped for a better start, that’s for sure. The backgrounds are enchanting, but this isn’t enough to keep me watching. I’m not the biggest fan of SOL and this is so trivial that it was a snoozefest. I admit I sped up the episode to finish it off. The main character is an exaggerated airhead; she was so hopeless, she made me smile out of pity. During the episode, we got to know only Hiromi and Tomoe and we had a first encounter with Mori-sensei. By now, they are pretty flat and I don’t expect a deep character development anyway. Probably this will focus more on bicycles during the next episodes and I’m not interested in that either. What a pity.


13. Hand Shakers

The anime takes place in Osaka in “AD20XX,” and revolves around the Hand Shakers—partners who can summon “Nimrodes,” weapons born from their deep psyche by joining hands. In order to grant the pair’s wish, the Hand Shakers compete with and fight other Hand Shaker pairs. (Source: ANN)
This episode was really bad. I’ve already said that I disliked the art. There are also some major points in the script and in the characters that I didn’t really like. The fanservice is everywhere and sometimes is disturbing. The female main character hasn’t done anything yet, apart from joining hands with her partner. She’s like… there. I particularly dislike those kind of character. I imagine there could be a (predictable) plot twist at some point regarding her, but I don’t think I can stand it for so long. The events were rushed, I feel like everything happened too fast. Nothing was explained, so I’m kinda curious about what was happening… but I think I can search about that on the net.

Anime tournament win17.png

I didn’t expect that Gabriel DropOut would have conquered the first rank! Will it drop or will it stay? We’ll see! On the other hand, it’s time to part ways with Hand Shakers. I can’t say I’m sad about that, but I wish I had seen the idol character in action because I’m still a bit curious about her. Next week, twelve shows will be still in the game! _apple__by_ebonred-d51uswt


Hello!Project Awards 2016

Hey everyone!

I wanted to do something like a recap / review for the whole year, but talking about each release / member is too time consuming (I tried last year and I failed tumblr_inline_mto5g32IQF1qid2nw) so I’m going to show you only my favorites of 2016!

There are six categories:

  1. Best song
  2. Best choreography
  3. Best MV
  4. Best outfit (singles / albums)
  5. Top 10 members
  6. Top 3 kenshuusei

Please note that this is based purely on my tastes!



Dou Datte ii no (Country Girls)

A lot of good songs came out this year! It was really hard to choose only one of them. I really liked Dou Datte ii no from the first listen, because it’s upbeat and full of energy and I really like the meaning of the lyrics!



Mukidashi de Mukiatte (Morning Musume’16)

Mugen Climax (°C-ute)

A tie! I’m not an expert in terms of dance, so this was an hard category for me. The ones I chose are cool and have an interesting concept behind them. Too bad I can’t dance at all, I would love to learn and dance them too!



Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ (Country Girls)

The quality of MV has increased this year and we have several gems in terms of effects, concepts, entertainment… But I love this one SO MUCH! I love that it is tied to the lyrics and it tells a story; there are a lot of cute and funny moments and… it’s simply awesome!



A tie, again! We have the outfits of Mugen Climax, which are simply gorgeous; I love the gothic style and they go so well with the song! Then, we have the outfits of Otona no Jijou, which is a digital only releasy and has no MV, but they wore it for the drama and in concerts. This one is also really beautiful, something you rarely see in H!P; it’s really idolish and I love checkered patterns! Finally we have the outfits used for the MV of Kedakaku Sakihokore. Well, I kinda cheated on these because they were actually the outfits of the Countdown Party 2015, but they are so beautiful that I wanted to include them. The lace decoration are really cute and lady-like and I’m so glad they decided to use them not only for concerts!



Basically, to do this ranking I made an average of their positions during my monthly rankings – so it doesn’t reflect my December top ten. This is more like a “how they did during the year in my rankings” tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg Soo, let’s see. First spot, obviously, my H!P oshi, Kudo Haruka. She ranked first in every monthly ranking this year. Then we have Ogata Haruna and Hagiwara Mai. They are basically on the same level, so it’s interesting to see that on average Haachin ranked better than MaiMai! Then we have Hamachan! I liked her from the first time I saw her, so yeah, she’s always pretty high. Sayubee, Maachan and Murotan usually rank in my top ten, while Sasaki Rikako and Oda Sakura don’t, so it’s nice to see they ranked well throughout the year. As 9th, we have Yanagawa Nanami. She’s my new Country Girls oshi after the departure of Manakan (who would have been there if she hadn’t left, sigh) and she started rank in my top ten around mid-year, so that’s probably why she’s lower than Rikako. It will be interesting to see how this will change next year!


TOP THREE 2016.png

This is the same as the regular members, I just did an average of their positions in my rankings :3 Takase Kurumi is my favorite kenshuusei. She has replaced Kaga Kaede sometimes this year. Kaga would have been there too, but she’s a member of Morning Musume’17 now, so she’s not a kenshuusei anymore (yay!). I was expecting Ruru to be on my top three since she’s pretty stable in my rankings. And… surprise! A tie! I quite like both Sakiko-chan and Kirara-chan and actually this is a perfect result because I can’t tell the one I like the most between them!

This is it for my 2016 Awards! Did you agree with some of them? Which ones would you change? Let me know in the comments! _apple__by_ebonred-d51uswt


Spring 2016 Wrap-up!

Trying to restart with this monthly feature. Since I didn’t keep track of things I did in the last couple of months, I was thinking of waiting July for the next wrap-up. But then I realized that, since my last wrap-up was in March, a general Spring Wrap-up would be perfect! So here I am tumblr_m8fn9dLQWy1r7nk4k

Since March I’ve read a total of 12 books.

1Q84 Book 3 by Murakami Haruki 5/5 stars
I started this saga last year but it took a while for me to get into it. However, the third book is so fascinating, much more than the first two books, because all starts to make sense. I love those kind of conclusive books, which also make me appreciate more the beginning of the story.

Misery by Stephen King 5/5 stars
This book was recommended to me by my mother. I should totally ask her for suggestions more. Last year she suggested me to read Roots, which I loved, and Misery was not less. This was the first book I’ve ever read by Stephen King even though I’ve wanted to read his works for a long time. I really like his style of writing and the story was totally fascinating.

Books 2

Harry Potter #3 #4, #5, #6, #7 by J.K. Rowling 5/5 stars all of them
I finished re-reading the series. This month I also re-watched all the movies. I LOVE Harry Potter, so I was basically playing safe. Two of them (#4 and #5) were also the books I managed to read during the Dewey’s 24 hours readathon. I was supposed to write a wrap-up post about that but in the end I didn’t. However I kept my Twitter updated, so it was an half-success I think?

Books 1

Il mio angelo segreto & Un amore di angelo by Federica Bosco both 4/5 stars
I also finished this italian series. The first book in the series made my cry hard and now I don’t remember if I broke in tears again but it’s likely. The story was good, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the writing style. The thing that bothered me the most was the lack of punctuation. Ugh.

Overbite by Meg Cabot 4/5 stars
It seems this was the seasons of series conclusion. I read the first book of this duology last year. I like reading vampire novels (there was a period of my life where I was autobuying everything that had vampires in it – and no, this wasn’t because of Twilight, but I read Twilight because of this), so I was pretty happy with these books. Overbite was a good book overall, but I think I liked it less than the first one. And I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I mean, it’s good, but I would have preferred a different one.

The Haunted Mask by R.L. Stine 4/5 stars
I think you know it by now. I still like Goosebumps. I grew up with them and the bond I have with this series is beyond the fact that those book are meant to be for children. As for this book, I saw the TV version before I read the story. I thought it was good and so I decided to give the book a try. I only hope I had read all those books when I was younger. I’m sure they would have been all masterpieces for my younger self. Apart from aliens stories. I don’t like aliens.

The Grove by John Rector 2/5 stars
This was a bit of a disappointment. I picked this book up at the book shop because of the beautiful cover (you can see it above) and the blurb. I didn’t even give a peek at the inside. Maybe I should have done so, because apart from the cover it was an absolute mess. The font was too big for the page, so the margins were really tiny and ugly. Even crooked. But this wouldn’t have been important if the story was amazing. Well, it was completely different from what I was expecting. Idk. Maybe it would have been good if it were written differently. Because the idea is nice, even if it wasn’t what I was searching for. But it didn’t hook me like, let’s say, Misery. It was confusing, rushed and weird. However, I did read some positive reviews of it, so maybe you would be able to appreciate it even though I didn’t.

Currently (re)reading: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

I’m pretty slow at completing anime. I start a lot of them but then I stop watching them half-way through. In the end I usually complete all of them, but it takes a long time.

Date a Live

I started this anime only because of the character design. I didn’t know what to expect and at first I was like WHAT? But then I got a bit into it. It evolved pretty quickly to a harem / slice of life kind of anime, with some action here and there. I was getting hyped up near the last episodes but unfortunately the ending wasn’t really good. I think – I hope – this is because there is also a second series, so maybe the real ending is there. I think I will give it a try even though the first series was not amazing. Seriously, the ending disappointment had caused this anime to drop two ranks (from 8/10 to 6/10).

Currently watching: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (9/12 eps seen)
Mayoiga (3/12 eps seen)

~TV series and Dramas~
A big result for a slow-watcher like me.

House M.D. – Season 8
Okay, I finished this months ago. I was crying desperately in the end and I’m still bitter there isn’t hope for a season 9. But I enjoyed watching this series so much! I love House ♡

Princess Prosecutor
So, in May I had my Korean exam and I felt like I needed a miracle to pass it. So I spent the days before the exam watching a lot of K-drama, hoping to learn some vocabulary and exercise my comprehension skill. And it worked! But back on this drama. This is one of my absolute favorite drama. I’m in love with Park Shi Hoo and I picked this show only for him. And it was so beautiful!! I can’t explain how I was feeling while watching it. I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time.

Oh My Venus
Second for-learning-purposes drama. This was pretty good too! I really liked it and I got attached to the characters. Unfortunately I don’t really like the main actress visually speaking and since she was supposed to be extremely beautiful it was a bit of a let-down for me. I mean, she’s pretty, but I prefer the fat “ugly” version over the skinny one. Another thing I didn’t like was the development of the love story. I thought it was a bit out of the blue, but enjoyable and relatable nevertheless.
Honorable mentions: the secretary was totally the best character of the show XDD

She was Pretty
Last for-learning-purposes drama. It was really good, funny blah blah. BUT. [MILD KIND-OF-SPOILER ALERT] My Kim Shin Hyuk *cries desperately* everything was totally unfair!!! He was so lovable and funny and caring and cute and…WHY? The other guy was a d*** basically for half the show, switching personality as soon as he was with who she believed to be Kim Hye Jin. And then towards the end he magically became the kindest and clumsiest man of the world! Like, seriously? I even thought that he had multiple personalities. [END OF SPOILER] Besides my little rant, Koh Joon Hee (Min Ha Ri in the show) is one of the most beautiful actress I’ve ever seen. tumblr_inline_mg0q008a5v1qdlkyg

Currently watching: The Heirs (3/20 eps seen)

~Top Ten H!P Idols~

top ten JUN

~Currently into~
Bullet journaling!
I started my first bullet journal in June. I love it! I’m not an artistic kind of person, so I thought it would be hard for me to keep up with a system where you have to design everything, but it isn’t like that at all! I really enjoy spending my time organizing my bujo! I’m still searching for the layout that works the best for me, so I think I will experiment a bit during the next weeks. However I like changing, so it doesn’t bother me at all! I think that prevent it from becoming boring 😛 I should totally upload some pic of it when I have more pages to show.

I’ve started knitting like… six days ago. My grandmother helped me start and now I’m just practicing. My goal is making a warm scarf for the winter by myself – I have plenty of time to practice until then! And then… we’ll see!



February and March 2016 Wrap-up!

Here I am again after almost two months. In February, I decided not to write a wrap-up post because of lack of time and… lack of news! February was an awful month for me and I did literally NOTHING, aside from going to university and studying. So, I decided to combine two wrap-ups in one. Let’s start!

In February, I read a total of 1 book. Which is actually a re-read. I entered in a terrible reading slump and I’m not completely out of it yet.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë 5/5 stars
I consider this book my favorite book of all times. I decided to re-read it because of Valentine’s day, but in the end I got sick and I finished it in late-February. Compared to the first time I read it, this time, since I grew up and all, I noticed much more the social analysis and the innovation this book contains.

In March, I read a total of 0 books. I need to get out from this reading slump ASAP!

Currently reading: Tales of Mistery and Terror by E.A. Poe
1Q84 Book 3 by Murakami Haruki

In March I completed a total of 1 anime. I focused more on TV series and dramas I think.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

What can I say? I think this is the masterpiece of this season. Well, I cannot actually say that, since I didn’t watch anything else, but this is a very good anime with a lot of good qualities and it would rank for sure in a top five. I won’t give any comments on the plot to avoid spoilers, I suggest you to see the first episodes before reading any summaries too.

Currently watching: Date a Live (5/12 eps seen)

~TV series and Dramas~

House M.D. – Seasons 5, 6 and 7
I almost finished this entire TV series. I will miss it.

Cheongdam-dong Alice
I totally fell in love with the male protagonist. He’s so cute and his smile is fascinating. I started another drama only to see him again. As for the drama itself, it’s pretty good. A typical korean drama, actually, but I really enjoyed it.

Starring Juice=Juice, one of my favorite idol groups! I wasn’t expecting a big deal from this drama, so I was pleasantly surprised by it. Actually, I think it’s well-made and it deals with some interesting topics about idols’ life and problems behind the scenes. I was a bit disappointed with the final episodes because I think it was a bit rushed (there are only 8 episodes), but overall I feel satisfied.

Currently watching: House M.D. – Season 8 (3/23 eps seen)
Oh My Venus (1/16 eps seen)
Princess Prosecutor (1/16 eps seen)

~Idolish Releases~

03/02 || Next is you / Karada dake ga Otona ni nattan ja nai – Juice=Juice 7th single
A solid single coming from NEXT U / Juice=Juice! In fact, the first A-side is by NEXT U, the fictional idol group Juice=Juice personify in the drama “Budoukan”! I really like this single, much more than the previous one to be honest.

17/02 || Sakura Night Fever / Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsumoushin / Osu! Kobushi Tamashii – Kobushi Factory 2nd single
A second strike from Kobushi Factory! This single is pretty amazing. I love how Kobushi Factory are developing and I cannot wait to hear more from them!

09/03 || Boogie Woogie Love / Koi wa Magnet / Ran Ra Run ~ Anata ni Muchuu ~ – Country Girls 3rd single
I love this single! This helped me to fall in love again with this group after the departure of Uta. I wasn’t particularly fond of their second single, so I’m so happy they released an amazing single like this!

~Top Ten H!P Idols~

February:top ten FEB

March:top ten MAR

~Added to my wishlist~
Harukaze – Kudo Haruka 3rd photobook: I can’t afford it right now, but I will have it sooner or later!

~Currently into~
Papa’s games: I have a kind of addictions when it comes to management games, restaurant games or cooking games. These are a perfect mix of all of them. I’m currently playing to 6 of them at the same time (I don’t like easy things, LOL)

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Nothing this month tumblr_m8jyt4iqGC1r75lkl


January 2016 Wrap-up!

Hello everybody! I’m trying to start a new monthly feature on my blog, making a brief recap for each of my passions. I hope you enjoy it!

This month I read a total of seven books:

read books JAN

Roots: The Saga of an American Family by Alex Haley 5/5 stars
This was related to my 2015 reading challenge; I’m so glad of having read this book, because it’s really good and it has a good pace. I love historical settings and big families; it was a nice change from the books I usually read. It basically tells the story of a whole genealogy, starting from Kunta Kinte, born in Africa and later brought in America as a slave around late 1700. The story was fascinating; I think this is the first book I read which deals with slavery as the focus point. I totally recommend it!

Bad Hare Day (Goosebumps #41) by R.L. Stine 4/5 stars
I love Goosebumps and I’m so happy of having read more of this series. This one has an intriguing plot: the main character likes magic and he’d like to become a great magician. This is interesting, because when you read Goosebumps you never really know where reality ends and magic starts.

Brain Juice (Goosebumps 2000 #12) by R.L. Stine 5/5 stars
Another Goosebumps! I find this one less horror-ish than usual, more on the science fiction side. Some bits are quite funny tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg This time, the main characters are described as complete idiots and for this reason you may read some pretty funny dialogues, which make you totally enjoy the book.

Cry of the Cat (Goosebumps 2000 #1) by R.L. Stine 5/5 stars
Third Goosebumps of the month. This one was a bit frightening in the beginning, with the immortal cat and the girl in the house similar to a ghost, but I was disappointed with the ending. I was expecting something more suspenseful and horrorish tumblr_inline_mpl4ntsuZO1qz4rgp

Monster Blood (Goosebumps #3) by R.L. Stine 4/5 stars
Last Goosebumps for this month. I liked the plot, even though it was practically not frightening at all tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg I’ve already read Monster Blood III in the past and I was curious to see how all started. As always, the characters were really interesting and I was glad to meet again some characters I loved as a child.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth 4/5 stars
Oh, I hate Tris so so so much. Everything she did during this book was so stupid and childish. Tobias wasn’t that better either. Overall, I like how the plot developed. I’m not going to talk much about it to avoid spoilers, but in the end I had Hunger Games flashbacks and then I understood right away who was going to do the right thing. I hate not being able to read Allegiant right away, because I’m really curious to understand what’s happening.

Ring 5/5 stars
This is the first japanese horror novel I read and I’m totally amazed. I had high expectations for this book and I’m glad I’m not disappointed at all. This novel has everything a good novel needs: good characters, good storyline, plot twists. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the movie, so I cannot make any comparison with it tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg However, I like to read japanese books because they have totally different feels from western ones, I don’t really know why.

Currently reading: Tales of Mistery and Terror by E.A. Poe (I have this edition in which there is the complete collection of tales)


Perfect Blue

I read a recommendation on the Internet and I watched it right away. As you probably know by now, I’m really into idols, so I was totally intrigued by the plot. This movie is seriously amazing, the psychological side is well handled and the story is fast paced and breathtaking. I don’t want to talk about it to avoid spoilers, but if you try it out I’m sure you’ll be total caught up by it.

Paranoia Agent

I started this one as a consequence of seeing Perfect Blue. I wanted to see more psychological anime and I wasn’t disappointed with my choice. Paranoia Agent showcases how the human psyche really can have an influence on what happens around us. The episodes are well-structured and there are tons of interesting characters and stories to follow. How does the human psyche work? For sure, an anime isn’t enough to explain that, but I think it gives you a good view on some intriguing aspects.

Currently watching: Shugo Chara (5/51 eps seen)

~TV series and Dramas~

House, M.D. – Season 4
So, Netflix arrived in Italy and I got caught again with this series tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg I watched some episodes of it when I was little, but I decided to watch it all over again! I loved the old team, so I was a bit disappointed with the change. However, I have a soft spot for Thirteen and I was actually waiting for her to come tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg

Currently watching: House, M.D. – Season 5 (5/24 eps seen)
Cheongdam-dong Alice (4/16 eps seen)

~Idolish releases~
Here I will put the MVs of the music releases of the groups I follow.

01/01 || Moso Invitation – Moso Calibration 2nd album

I love their songs as they’re always so funny and upbeat. I’m seriously amazed by this MV, which is so entertaining to watch! The girls are really cute and the songs on the album are nice. They surely put you in a good mood!

20/01 || Mai Jene! – Yumemiru Adolescence 7th single

This is one of the first groups outside H!P I got interested into. I didn’t listen to this single as much as the previous, so this song has yet to grow on me, but I find it pretty good. The MV is nice as well and the girls are so cute I cannot help but melt ❤

27/01 || Doushiyou, Watashi / Ichigo Ichie – Ciao Bella Cinquetti 11th single

Doushiyou, Watashi was an instant favorite of mine. I love the music and in particular I love the lyrics, which are written by my lovely Kanyon ❤ Ichigo Ichie has yet to grow on me, but I like it. This single made me like this group and I want to follow them more closely than before. I still hope for another name change though…

~Top Ten H!P Idols~

top ten JAN

~Added to my wishlist~
Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard: I cannot wait for this book to be published in Italy. I read Red Queen almost as soon as it was published here and I hate waiting for sequels!

~Currently into~
House, M.D.: as I said before, as soon as Netflix arrived in Italy, I got obsessed with this series. I’m going to watch it until the last episode and then cry desperately from the House loss tumblr_inline_mfnjqhRjBa1qdlkyg

Baking cookies: my parents gave me a lovely recipe book as a present which has like 600+ cookies recipes. I love cookies and I also love baking them, so I’m so excited of trying out some recipes I’ve never tried before!

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Hello!Project – 2015 singles recap part 2

Here we are, ready to talk about 2015 ANGERME singles!

Without a doubt, ANGERME had a great year! We start right away with a bang – a catchy and fun song named Taiki Bansei – accompanied from what seems to be (and I hope it’s so) a future standard for the group – the gothic style of Otome no Gyakushuu! Then here we have the second single, which features for the first time a dance team! And finally, Maro’s graduation approaches, it’s time to cry and to say goodbye to my oshi…

Unfortunately, I’m not going to talk about the selection album, since I’m doing a single recap only, but generally speaking, I found the album a bit underwhelming. I was hoping for re-recorded versions at least. But I’m happy with the new songs, my favorite being Marionette 37°C tumblr_inline_mjs1ks9CPX1qdlkyg

18th single – Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu [2015.02.04]
THIS. I cannot express how much I loved this. As soon as I heard Taiki Bansei for the first time, I was sure I would have loved the group. I gained a new interest in the girls and so I even re-evalued some old songs that didn’t leave any strong impressions on me.

Taiki Bansei
Song: not being accustomed with S/mileage discography, at first I thought that was an old song and I wondered why I didn’t know they had were such good songs tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg then, I became totally hyped about this single. I couldn’t stop listening to this song again and again, to the point that I’m currently bored by it lol and that’s what is preventing me from giving this song a 10/10. But it’s a bit unfair not to give it the right rate just because I listened to it too much, so… 10/10, anyways tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg

Dance: I love this dance. I always feel the need to dance along. The only part a bit off is during the verses where the girl seem to just move a bit along the music and that’s all. 9.5/10  (gifs by ai-do-ru)

MV: the song is amazing, the dance is funny… the MV is crappy. The dance shot setting is nice, but the camera work is poorly executed and there’s no effort in editing at all. Close-ups are disappointing too. 6/10

Outfits: I like them. Generally speaking, I prefer costumes rather than casual clothes, but I think they fit the song and they are pretty as well. 8.5/10


Overall: 8.5/10

Shining member(s): Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako (gifs by awarriorfromadoomedfuture)

Special feature(s): I love Rikako’s jump right before the last chorus. It gives me tons of energy!


Otome no Gyakushuu
Song: not an instant favorite like Taiki Bansei, but quite as catchy. It’s a peculiar song and something you’re not used to hear in H!P and at first it seemed weird. However, I like it. 7.5/10

Dance: I find it nice, it goes well with the genre of the song. On the other hand, the dance break is awful. I’m so disappointed because I love classical ballet and that wasn’t executed well. Like at all. I understand she was a newbie, but seeing that in a MV was really underwhelming. 7.5/10 (gifs by suzunatsutsugu and rikachanlove)

MV: I looove the setting. Unfortunately, the MV is poorly executed again. The beautiful setting and the charming girls made the MV. There isn’t any effort from the editor. They didn’t even manage to use some lighting effects to emphasise the girls’ beauty. If it wasn’t for the nice setting, it would have been a disaster. 7/10

Outfits: plain white outfits, a bit boring in the long term. The girls look good and they go quite well with the song’s style. 7/10


Overall: 7.2/10

Shining member(s): Fukuda Kanon (gif by suzunatsutsugu)


Special feature(s): Kananan’s deep voice harmonising at the end of each chorus!

Single overall: 7.8/10


19th single – Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shoutan / Mahou Tsukai Sally [2015.07.22]
This is my favorite ANGERME single of the year. Among the three songs, I find only Gashin Shoutan a bit underwhelming, while the others are really good. I probably like this single so much because of Nana Korobi Ya Oki, which is my favorite ANGERME song of the year and my third favorite song overall, after ImaSugu and Tsumetai by Morning Musume.

Nana Korobi Ya Oki
Song: I love it. It takes up a bit of the gothic genre, but more upbeat and quite rockish. However, what I like the most is the sound of the violin, which adds that gothic and epic nuance to the song. 10/10

Dance: I really like the dance team’s moves. They are elegant but powerful at the same time and the girls are able to express themselves beautifully with their bodies. 9/10 (gif by haru beautiful everyday)


MV: Finally, here is a great MV! While it’s true there isn’t much more than dance shots and close-ups, I find it suits really well the song. The setting is bare and dark; this would have been a turn off for another song, but it works amazingly well with this one. I love the sepia scenes! Everyone is shining so much. I like how they managed to keep the dance team in the spotlight despite not having lines at all. 9/10

Outfits: I really like them. Since I love the gothic style, these outfits are exactly what I needed for this song. I don’t like the shoes and I think the little capes could have been styled better, but it’s a great outfit overall. 9/10


Overall: 9.2/10

Shining member(s): Fukuda Kanon


Special feature(s): The presence of a dance team!


Gashin Shoutan
Song: I think this is the weakest song of the single. I don’t think it’s bad, but I don’t find it as amazing as Nana Korobi Ya Oki or as cute as Mahou Tsukai Sally. This is an energetic and upbeat song, pretty catchy to be honest. I think this is the right choice if you’re feeling down and want to recover yourself! 7/10

Dance: here we have a funny and energetic song, mostly focused on the girls having fun while dancing and jumping here and there. The dance break really is entertaining! However, I’m not particularly impressed by the dance either. 6.5/10

MV: I don’t like the pastel theme going on with this song. And why put them in a dark and empty basement if the rest of the MV is shiny and girly? The shots were they are singing in front of the camera doing weird face is probably the best part of this MV. 5/10 (gifs by waazuchan)

Outfits: as I said, I don’t like the pastel theme. I would have loved bright colors and funny outfits. I like the style of the clothes, but the colors are so bland tumblr_m4trvwC1aa1qdlkyg At least they don’t seem cheap. My favorite one is Murotan’s. 7/10


Overall: 6.3/10

Shining member(s): everyone!

Special feature(s): Rinappu solo dance segment! tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg


Mahou Tsukai Sally
Song: this is by no means a breathtaking song, but it’s cute, funny and it has a great anime-ish feel. 3ki are perfect to be centers in this song! I like the cute monologues as well. 8.5/10

Dance: I love this kind of funny and easy-to-dance-along dances. Simple as it is, it goes perfectly with this song! 9/10 (gif by boom! hello!project)


MV: now, this is a great MV. The animated background is so cute and anime-ish and I love the shots inside the witchy house. It’s so entertaining seeing them having fun on broomsticks and doing some kind of magic (even though the wires are really evident, but I think that too adds to the general funny feeling of the song tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg9/10

Outfits: so cute and idolish! I love when they go by their member color! 9.5/10



Overall: 9/10

Shining member(s): Sasaki Rikako (gif by Airi)


Special feature(s): Rikako and Murota’s great expressions throughout the MV tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg

Single overall: 8.1/10


20th single – Desugita Kui wa Utarenai / Dondengaeshi / Watashi [2015.11.11]
This is probably their best all-around single. It consists of three solid songs, which I like but I’m not that into any of them (except maybe just Watashi). This is Maro’s last single; I would have loved a bit more feature in the first two A sides, but well, she got a solo song and she’s center-ish in the others, so I shouldn’t complain tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg

Desugita Kui wa Utarenai
Song: another peculiar song for ANGERME. This sound is surely unusual for idol groups, since it’s rockish, upbeat and in some ways more “hard” than usual. Maybe for that reason, it results less catchy (apart form the doushite, doushite bits). 7.5/10

Dance: a bit messy at times, but overall powerful and entertaining. Not really suiting the song in the chorus, where the pace enhances but their moves are pretty boring. 7/10 (gifs by Hamachin)

MV: it’s nice to see some effort put in editing once in a while, even if as simple as this effects are. I was actually surprised, because I’m not used to that in classic H!P MVs. I would have preferred a less smoky setting, but it goes well with the song’s genre, I guess. Even the group shots, which I usually don’t like, are pretty this time. 8.5/10

Outfits: don’t love –  don’t hate. I find them a bit bland speaking of colors, but I like how they glow in the darkness. The style overall is good and the fabrics look good as well. 7.5/10


Overall: 7.6/10

Shining member(s): everyone tumblr_inline_mg0q008a5v1qdlkyg

Special feature(s): the girls looking sassy and cool tumblr_m89gltpsCe1qdlkyg


Song: I loved this at first listen, but then it didn’t grew on me the way I predicted. They keep going on the rockish route, this time with a smoother sound, but always as energetic and upbeat. A great song anyways. 9/10

Dance: messy and boring throughout the verses, entertaining during choruses and dance breaks. I like the little dance battles with Rikako and Meimi and the dance battle between Rikako and Murotan during the dance break. 7/10 (gifs by Airi)

MV: I really like the lighting effects on this MV as well. I find the group shots disappointing though. The colors are a bit bland, except for the choruses where the effects make the MV looking so good going along with the music. 8.5/10

Outfits: generally speaking, I like them. Pretty good overall. 8/10


Overall: 8.1/10

Shining member(s): everyone!

Special feature(s): the dance battles and the lighting effects are what stands out the most.


Song: finally, the solo song by my beloved Kanyon tumblr_inline_mfnjqyHTGM1qdlkyg I love the sound of this and it’s a nice addition after two rockish sounding songs. This songs goes more on the electropop route and shows an overly cute Kanon in action. I really love the lyrics, which are written by Kanyon herself: I think this song really express who Maro is. 9.5/10

Dance: we don’t have much footage of the dance, but from what I can see, I think it goes well with the song, being silly and cute. Cuteness overload tumblr_inline_mjs05hMs2K1qdlkyg 9/10

MV: SO CUTE! I love seeing her going around the room doing nothing but… being cute! I think the setting is perfect, it’s really cute and girlish. The only poor shots are those in the darker setting (I don’t like it; isn’t this MV supposed to be cute and sparkly?); moreover, those golden little stars give the MV a cheap appearance. Luckily they haven’t been used much. 9/10 (gif by Hamachin)


Outfits: what the hell happened? A 4-year-old child designed that awful dress? The only good piece is the hat, seriously. The blue outfit is a bit better, but doesn’t go well with Kanyon’s image in my opinion. 5/10


Overall: 8.1/10

Special feature(s): the Cinderella symbolism spread out throughout the MV!

Single overall: 7.9/10


The next part will feature °C-ute and Country Girls!

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Melacchan _apple__by_ebonred-d51uswt