Anime Elimination Tournament – Winter 2017 – Week 10

I can’t believe this season is near its end.

This is the first time I actually manage to follow some series weekly. I’m quite proud of myself.

This week’s ranking:

1. Gabriel DropOut & Little Witch Academia
3. Kuzu no Honkai
4. Masamune-kun no Revenge



It seems she doesn’t like it.

I really liked this anime so far, but one has to be eliminated from the tournament. Masamune-kun no Revenge is about (as you can tell from the title) the revenge of Masamune Makabe against Aki Adagaki, a childhood friend who rejected him because he was fat. Masamune suffered a lot and so he decided to become an handsome boy and make Aki fall in love with him to break her heart soon after. The anime is basically a comedy slice of life with some romance here and there; I’ve really enjoyed it, I like the characters and the facts depicted and I laughed a lot. It worsened a bit during the last episodes, but I still find it enjoyable enough. Do I recommend it? Yeah!

animewin17 2


Anime Elimination Tournament – Winter 2017 – Week 5

Hey everyone!

We’re already at the 5th week and that means we will be half-way through the tournament next week! Starting from this week, we begin to say goodbye to nice shows. It’s a shame, but eventually we will get rid even of the best ones until we have only two of them remaining.

This week’s ranking:

  1. Kuzu no Honkai
  2. Gabriel DropOut
  3. Little Witch Academia
  4. Masamune-kun no Revenge
  5. Fuuka
  6. ēlDLIVE
  7. Marginal#4: Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang
  8. Onihei
  9. Kemono Friends

Unfortunately, Kemono Friends is out; our journey with Kaban-chan ends here! I was pleasantly surprised by this show: in my introductory post I wasn’t hyped at all, but in the end it was cute, relaxing and at rather entertaining.

Masamune-kun is starting to decline. I didn’t like the new character, so this episode was a bit meh since it was focused on her. Fuuka is getting worse too, but it still manages to keep its rank. The character I was hyped for, Koyuki, is pretty bland and I hate it. I hope they give her some solid psychological traits in the future. Also, speaking of the new character introduced in the 5th episode, I’m still mixed about her. In other news, I don’t really get what happened in Onihei. I was like “has this anime turned in a comedy show?” for most of the episode. It just… wasn’t what I was expecting.

On the other hand, Gabriel DropOut released a solid and enjoyable episode; a new character is introduced, similarly to most of the shows, but in this case she’s actually entertaining and well-rounded, so I like her! Speaking of enjoyable episodes, I quite liked Marginal #4‘s 5th episode! It was really nice and funny, even though that isn’t enough to rank among the best shows!

Happily, I’m slowly catching up with my watching schedule! See you next week~