Happy birthday Michishige-san!


I miss her so much

Actually, I don’t really want to say anything in particular. It’s just that… I wanted to celebrate her birthday, I guess 

But you should expect a new cover related to her in the near future 

With this post, I also want to announce my official return (?) after my hiatus!

Sayumin, Sayumin everywhere 

I’m very grateful to her, not only because she introduced me to Hello!Project and without it my days would be empty, but also because I believe she helped me to gain a bit of self-esteem. Waking up in the morning, going in front of the mirror and saying: “Mh! Today I’m cute as well!” was a good way, for me, to build up confidence tumblr_m4i9c7j9OB1qdlkyg


I have great respect for her. I have known her for the first time when she was already leader, but then, watching old videos, I realized how much she’s changed and grown up. Even if she was the worst singer, the worst dancer or unpopular she didn’t give up and look what she got in the end. She gifted us with 11 amazing years of hard work.

Happy birthday Sayumin, I wish you all the great things in life and I hope your future will be as special as you are.


Tiki Bun

Another cover of mine uploaded on YouTube!

This time, you find it on skynordP channel! Thanks for uploading and mixing as well!

This song was really funny to sing! It’s really catchy, isn’t it? I’m so happy I finally managed to sing a Morning Musume song!

This is actually my second Momusu cover. The first one was Mikaeri Bijin: I sang this one for Michishige’s graduation

However, I’d like to cover more songs from Hello!Project in the future! Some of them are already planned~

Stay tuned!


Just idols

Today I want to talk about one of my main interests these days: Japanese idols and in particular Hello!Project

I was into the idol world since I was little, thanks to anime like Kodomo no Omocha, Creamy Mami, Mermaid Melody and so on. I didn’t even know what they exactly were, but I knew that I wanted to be an idol too.

When I got access to the internet, I discoverd a whole new world. I found out what an anime was and I started watching them on YouTube. During my first year in High School, I found the anime “Kirarin Revolution”. It was love at first sight

The main character’s voice actress was Koharu Kusumi, a Morning Musume member at that time; I wasn’t really interested in Morning Musume, I just liked Kohacchi and listened to her solo songs.

Then, suddenly, I quite lost my interest in such things. I started doing covers, so I got into Vocaloids for a pair of years. One day, I joined a group who covered H!P songs. I took as a role Hagiwara Mai from °C-ute and started listening to H!P songs more and more.

And then, I fell in love with Michishige Sayumi.

Thanks to her, I developped a real interest for H!P and idol business in all aspects.

So, speaking of H!P, my favorite group is Morning Musume, but I also like the others. The only one I didn’t really like was Berryz Koubou, because neither the songs nor the members did catch my attention  Also S/mileage wasn’t really interesting to me, but now I appreciate Angerme more and started to listen to some S/mileage songs as well.

Outside H!P I don’t have any group I’m really fond of. Occasionally I listen to Perfume and in the past I had a little interest for Momoiro Clover Z, but that’s all. I would like to approach the 48-Family (is that its name? I’m not sure) but I find it difficult  As for AKB48 I only know Mayuyu thanks to a drama… Recently I listened to some HKT48 songs, but I noticed just a pair of members (above all Sakura, Miku and Nako).

For the future, I plan of doing other posts regarding each H!P group specifically, because I’d like to share my thoughts with you!

Oh, and.. Happy Easter to all of you!


I’m back!

After a short hiatus, here I am! null

Today, I took a break from my obligations and I spent the whole day watching anime and drama!

I saw “Kare wa, imouto no koibito”, starring Michishige Sayumi  Such a cute drama! Sayu, or better, Haruka was the cutest devil ever null The other main actors were great too! I think they all were perfect for their role.

Yesterday, I saw Hello!Pro Station #107. There, you find a preview of two new MV: “Ima Koko Kara” by Morning Musume ’15 and “Itooshikutte Gomen ne” by Country Girls.

About the first one, it’s so strange seeing those new faces! Last time a member was introduced, I still wasn’t really into the group, so I didn’t notice so much, but now… wow! My hoshi in the 12ki is Ogata Haruna and she didn’t disappoint me at all: she looked as cute as always  but in this preview, who amazed me is Maria-chan. I didn’t care about her really much; okay, she’s cute and she seems funny, but I wasn’t impressed at all. At first glance, I didn’t like her and as time flew by I couldn’t find anything special in her. Well, it’s not like my opinion suddenly changed, but when I saw this…

… I couldn’t help but loving her for a moment null I think she will quickly climb my ranking~

As for Itooshikutte Gomen Ne, I loved the initial shot to Momoko, it really made me laugh null As for the MV itself, I think there’s too much Uta Dx I love Uta, but she’s simply everywhere! It’s a bit annoying, in my opinion 

Last but not least, my readings! In february, I finished “Vanity Fair” and read “10 regole per far innamorare”, “Non ti lascerò mai solo” and “50 Shades of Grey”! They all belong to my 2015 reading challenge:

– A book with more than 500 pages: Vanity Fair by William MakepeaceThackeray: this was an interesting reading. I really like those kinds of novels, but I didn’t read anything written by a man before. I took a really long time to complete it, but overall I liked it.

– A funny book: 10 regole per fare innamorare by Guglielmo Scilla: an italian book this time! A friend lent me her copy and I decided to include it in the challenge. It was an easy non-fiction reading and it has torn a few laughs from me.

– A book a friend recommended: Non ti lascerò mai solo by Giorgio Panariello: guess what? Another italian book from the same friend of mine! This story is about a man and a dog and it’s kinda sad. It isn’t the best book I read, but I enjoyed it anyway.

– A book with bad reviews: 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James: actually, it was better than I thought. The plot is simple and sometimes stupid, the female protagonist is… stupid as well. But I didn’t hate it, maybe because I had low expectations. At the end, I was even enjoying it! Not a masterpiece for sure, but overall nice.

Right now, I started “La coscienza di Zeno” by Italo Svevo. It seems interesting, but as every classic it takes his own time to be read.

I think that’s all for today. I’ll try to be more active from now on 


The first post.

Hi everyone!

In this post, I just want to introduce myself and talk freely about my interests and my daily life. I’m sorry if my English isn’t really good but I’m not a native speaker.

First of all, I love emoticons.

And when I say I love emoticons, it means that I REALLY love emoticons.

This blog will be full of emoticons! null

Second point, I love Morning Musume.

And I love Sayumi.


Shabadaba doo doo doo shabada doo doo doroo doroo roo~♪



She’s absolutely adorable!

So, you can easily guess that I mostly listen to J-pop! I also listen to Vocaloids, and sometimes Metallica, K-pop groups and Avril Lavigne.

My dream for the future is becoming an italian voice actress, so I’m practicing as an amateur since 5 years! This way, I also started covering songs. I don’t think I’m good at singing, but I’m trying to do my best! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

As you can imagine, I like anime and manga. My favorite anime is Hime-chan no Ribbon, because it is thanks to this one if I discovered a whole new world! (and it’s a really good anime too, even if a bit old~ watch it if you didn’t!)

nullThe main character, Himeko

I have a biiiig collection of manga, around 400 volumes. I will upload a photo, one day or another. I like almost all genres, in particular drama, romance and historical anime/manga. I don’t really like mecha and sci-fi, but there are some exceptions.

What else?

Oh, yes. Sometimes I play League of Legends. I’m not very good at this game and I’m not fond of it (I started playing two years ago, but I’m still level 22), but I love characters, lores, graphic and gameplay. In fact I often watch tons of streams.

My favorite champion is Amumu. I love Amumu. I can’t play it really good, though. In game, my favorite champion is Lulu. I love playing her, is so funny! And my favorite role is support! Poros are also cute. I love them too! 


Then, I love reading. I started reading at the age of four. I like any type of “written thing”, I think null For my birthday, my sister gave me as a present a Kindle Paperwhite. I think paper book are kinda better, but Kindle is so comfortable I couldn’t resist asking for one!

I think I said the most important thing about myself. I hope you find it interesting even if this is not about a single topic! I don’t know how many times a week I can write there, but I’ll try to be as active as possible! null

That’s all for today~

Melacchan null